Patient Plus support programs increase value to the patient by taking into consideration all the stakeholders within today’s healthcare delivery model: the patient and caregiver, physician, specialty pharmacist, nurse educator and pharmaceutical company within local and multi-country level.

Patient Plus during the process of designing a patient support program is identifying patient needs and is taking under serious consideration the potential barriers of each therapy, leading patients to non-adherence to a medication regimen. The success of our patient support programs is based on Patient Plus extensive experience along with the collaboration with the different stakeholders, not just in sharing data, but in coordinating goals and objectives from the beginning to build in the steps to reach the desired outcomes.  

The patient support program will cover the patient needs throughout the therapy journey, providing Helplines, home healthcare services,pharmacovigilancereports, medication adherence as well as family and caregiver support.

The goal is to improve adherence and achieve better outcomes so as to provide an end-to-end experience for patients and health care professionals.

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